Professional Services

Novari Health offers a full suite of professional services to our clients, ensuring efficient, seamless, and fully supported implementations of our enterprise software solutions.

With years of expertise in implementing our software solutions in healthcare settings of all sizes and complexities, Novari’s in-house project management and implementation teams are ready to help you. Our experience allows us to recognize that often the biggest challenge is not implementing the software, but rather managing the change. That is where we come in.

Acknowledging the uniqueness and complexity of healthcare, Novari Health uses a tailored project management methodology, integrating concepts, methods, tools, and techniques from three separate management disciplines. Our integrated model stresses that for effective project completion, the quality of the technical solution (IT Management), the balancing of competing constraints (Project Management), and the cultural acceptance of the project’s aim and objectives (Change Management) are all combined in our methodology.

Our professional service team members including project managers, application specialists, analysts, and others are located across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Professional Services Available

Quality Outcomes

Novari Health partners with you to fully understand your organization’s goals and desired outcomes for every project. Together, we set outcomes and metrics for success, and create an agreed upon plan to work together to implement our software to meet those desired outcomes and metrics, on schedule.

Change Management

Changing workflows and technologies can be daunting for some – but acknowledging and recognizing this upfront as a risk to the project is important. Our implementation teams mitigate this risk through a six-step process: check readiness, align old and new processes, define change, engage, educate, and enlist users, alignment of processes and organization, and evaluate.

Technical Configuration and Integration Resources

Novari Health supports every implementation with technical resources capable of configuring our software solutions to our client’s needs. Our integration specialists work with your team to translate your needs into technical integration based on an analysis of your business goals, objectives, needs, and existing systems infrastructure.

Project Manager

With an assigned project management team, we are in constant communication to ensure transparency throughout the entire implementation process from start to finish.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Have access to real-time data and reporting.

Application Specialist/Subject Matter Expert

We assign an application specialist who is a subject matter expert with regard to not only our software solutions, but also administrative and clinical workflows.

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