Novari Health Announces Alliance with QHR Technologies for Specialists

Novari Health is pleased to announce that is has signed an alliance agreement with QHR Technologies Inc., a leader in the Healthcare Information Technology sector. Novari Health and QHR’s Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) division are collaboratively integrating technologies to bring the combined benefits of two popular systems to Canadian healthcare providers and patients. This collaboration will help in the national effort to reduce regional and provincial surgical wait times.

QHR’s EMR division, as developers of the acclaimed Accuro® EMR system and Novari Health, the makers of Novari Access to Care™, (“ATC”) a complementary surgical wait times, wait list management and remote booking system are working to provide surgeons with improved systems integration and efficiencies around patient visits to specialist consultants and surgeons.

“Over the past few years QHR has seen the progress Novari Health has made into hospitals, health regions and provincial groups for its surgical ATC application. Information has not effectively, flowed automatically from the specialist’s EMR to hospitals and this gap in the system creates confusion around what the wait times for patients are and creates natural inefficiencies that come with unconnected systems. QHR and Novari are bringing our technologies together to provide surgeons, hospitals, and regions efficiencies, plus better information on wait time statistics” say Al Hildebrandt, CEO of QHR Technologies Inc.

QHR’s Accuro®EMR has been managing surgeon waitlists since 2004 allowing the clinics to know exactly how long patients are waiting and schedule the patient visits efficiently. The integration with Novari will allow this waitlist information to link to the hospital surgical booking systems, removing duplicated effort and improving the accuracy of the data.

Novari’s Access to Care system is the only off-the-shelf surgical eBooking, automated provincial wait times reporting, wait list management, pre-op standardization and business intelligence system of its kind.

“The alliance and integration brings together QHR’s Accuro EMR product, the national leader in the specialist EMR market and our own team of developers and clinicians who are responsible for the continued and growing success of our Novari Access to Care solution.” Dr. John Marshall, Novari Health President & CEO.

When integration is complete, it will dramatically improve the ability for information to flow between the Accuro EMR and the Novari Access to Care systems.

QHR entered the Canadian EMR market in 2004. Since then, through strong organic growth and several strategic acquisitions, QHR Technologies Inc. supports over 9,000 physicians in six provinces, many of whom were Canada’s EMR pioneers and advocates for a national EMR system helping us grow into the leader we are today.

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