Novari eRequest

eReferral, Central Intake, Workflow Management, Referral Management, and Care Coordination

Novari eRequest can be configured to route and manage any type of healthcare request, referral, or requisition for any type of healthcare service (i.e., diabetes, surgical, GP to specialist, ambulatory clinics, palliative care, diagnostic imaging, mental health, addictions, etc.).  It is highly configurable software, used for multiple referral workflow uses cases at individual hospitals or across health regions. The scalability and flexibility allows for each instance of the system to be configured to meet local needs and local workflows. 


Wait List Management & Dashboards

Clinical and clerical users of Novari eRequest and administrators need accurate real-time data on the volume of referrals.  Customizable dashboards provide clinicians and clerical staff with actionable information and alerts enabling them to efficiently process patient referrals.  Administrators are provided with access to detailed analytical reports and easy identification of workflow and access to care bottlenecks.

Central Intake and Direct Referrals

The provision of healthcare involves a mix of both direct (point-to-point) and, for some healthcare services, a single point of entry (central intake) system. Novari eRequest elegantly manages both approaches. The person making the referral can be provided with a list of possible referral destinations for selection and routing. Alternatively, all referrals for certain referral types (i.e., diabetes, hip & knee, MRI, etc.) can be automatically routed to a central intake, who, also using Novari eRequest and acting in an air traffic controller-like role, triage the referral and make the routing decision. With the use of the system’s central intake functionality, referring physicians may optionally be provided with the ability to bypass central intake and select a specific provider based on patient preference etc.

Complete & Appropriate Referrals

Ensure all received referrals include the appropriate patient and clinical information to minimize back and forth throughout the referral process by utilizing built-in form validation and rules, all customized to your unique workflows needs.

Accelerate Care by Load Balancing Demand

When choosing where to send a referral, it can be hard to know all the referral options and which provider can see the patient with the shortest wait time. Novari eRequest’s sophisticated wait time algorithm uses its own wait time data and patient location data to help route each referral to the next available provider.

Communicate with Referring Providers and Patients

Referring providers are often concerned when they do not receive timely information on the status of their referrals from central intake or receiving providers.  Novari eRequest can automate the sending of updates to the referring providers using email and automated fax back.  Similarly, patients can receive updates on their referral and appointment scheduling status by both SMS text message and / or email (according to their individual preference).

Use Real-Time Data to Improve Process

To know where problems exist in how we work, we need to know where to look. Novari eRequest offers detailed insight into your entire referral process allowing you to see the bottlenecks and develop a more streamlined workflow.

Easily Integrated

Healthcare organizations depend on multiple tools to get the job done. Using software that can’t integrate can be frustrating as it leads to people having to do the same thing twice and mistakes in keeping systems in sync. Novari eRequest can integrate with other systems easily via FHIR or HL7 to make sure your staff can work as efficiently as possible.

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